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The extraordinary climate on Gran Canaria all year around is an invitation for visitors to make the most of an endless number of daytime leisure opportunities.

A visit to the different theme parks will give you a day of enjoyment that you will always remember, with the possibility of learning more about the Island’s landscape and flora and fauna. You can always visit spectacular water attractions or small zoos with tropical birds and reptiles of all sizes.
A route taking in the Island’s principal museums and the different archaeological sites which open their doors daily, or our monumental heritage, is another of the attractive possibilities provided by Gran Canaria to tourists looking for daytime enjoyment at any time of the year.

Gran Canaria is a "miniature continent" where you can fully appreciate the scenery both inland and on the coast by taking the different routes available all over the island.

Gran Canaria is a great theme park itself as it has a large variety of leisure activities to offer the visitors. It has also developed some natural and artificial areas where it attractions and shows are put together just to entertain and in many cases to educate their visitors.

Although the island does not have large theme parks, places for leisure in Gran Canaria are noted for their variety, originality and a sense of being somehow linked to the surroundings and natural resources. Thus, you can find botanical gardens, zoos, water parks and thos parks which are linked to the Canarian culture. You will also find scientific and amusement parks.

Visitors to the island of Gran Canaria are able to enjoy an enormous variety of landscapes as well as countless microclimates, which is why the island has become one of the world´s most attractive tourist destinations. It is on account of these characteristics that Gran Canaria has earned its epithet, namely "the miniature continent".

No matter where you go on the island, the temperatures remain unusually pleasant throughout the year. However, in a single day, it is possible to travel to the South of the island, where you can enjoy the warm temperatures of the southern coastal areas; to explore the midlands, where the climate is more temperate; to traverse the subtropical valleys and forests; and even to travel to the highest peaks of the island, where you may be lucky enough to witness the first snowfalls of the winter.
  You will encounter endless possibilities for tourism in every corner of Gran Canaria. Every enclave on the island derives a special quality from the island´s orography, the trade winds and the ocean currents.

The best place to start your visit to our "miniature continent" is the capital of the island, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and specifically the Las Canteras beach. Upon commencing a tour of the island, you should know that there are five routes for exploring the rest of Gran Canaria, namely the Northern route, which has two itineraries; the Southern route; the Western route; the Central route; and, lastly, the Circular route around the island.

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